Research topics

Research activities at the Clinic for Poultry and Fish are focused predominantly on infectious diseases that can occur in the different species in its purview. The implementation and application of new diagnostic methods is frequently a focal point of the Clinic's efforts. Epidemiological analyses are used to develop novel approaches for combating diseases. The ultimate goal is to leverage relevant basic and applied research to improve animal health and well-being. A related objective is to optimize the quality of food products (poultry – fish) starting at primary production.

Many diverse tasks are linked with these efforts, particularly in the area of infectious and notifiable diseases, such as detection and identification of pathogens, implementation of new detection systems and quality control of diagnostic reagents. Further activities include working collaboratively with other laboratories and serving in the capacity of adviser to interest groups and government ministries. Research and  of non-infectious diseases within individual species rounds out the research spectrum of the Clinic.

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