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Zeiss Observer Z1 – inverted widefield microscope

The Observer Z1 is an inverted microscope from Zeiss allowing brightfield, phase, DIC, and fluorescence microscopy. It is also equipped for live cell imaging experiments. Except the stage the system is fully motorized, and all components are controlled by the ZEN 2012 (blue) software. It is able to run multidimensional experiments including multichannel acquisition, z-stacks, and time-lapse. Since it is an inverted microscope, it is suitable for imaging both live cells and fixed samples. It is equipped with a highly sensitive black&white fluorescence camera.


Halogen lamp HAL 100
Illuminator HXP 120 C


Hamamatsu Orca Flash 4.0
Zeiss Axiocam HRc (color)  CCD


4x/0.10 Achroplan
10x/0.25 A-Plan, Ph1
20x/0.75 Plan-Apochromat

20x/0.50 EC Plan-Neofluar, Ph2
40x/0.60 LD Plan-Neufluar, Ph2
40x/1.3 Plan-Neofluar, Oil, DIC III
63x/1.4 Plan-Apochr., Oil, DIC III


#49 | Ex 365 | Em 445/50
#10 | Ex 450-490 | Em 515-565
#43 | Ex 550/25 | Em 605/70
#50 | Ex 640/30 | Em 690/50

Live Cell Imaging

CO2 concentration controller
Air flow temperature controller
Chamber heating
Objective heating