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Pia Weidinger, MSc

In 2011, I received my bachelor’s degree in ‘Medical and Pharmaceutical Biotechnology’ from the IMC Krems. During a six-month internship at Cellpro Danube, I evaluated the functionality of a cancer immunotherapy based on dendritic cells. Thereafter, I was employed at Baxter for four years, working on the purification of plasma-derived pharmaceuticals. In 2015, I started the master’s degree program ‘Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine’ at the Technikum Wien. For writing my master’s thesis, I went to Duke University and worked on a lung tumor model based on organoids with oncogene mutations introduced by CRISPR/Cas9. In May 2018, I joined the research team at the Institute of Virology exploring viral infectious diseases of humans and animals.






Participation in the following publication:

Aberle, et al. 2018. "Increase in human West Nile and Usutu virus infections, Austria, 2018" Euro Surveill;23(43):pii=1800545. (link)



Recipient of the Marshall Plan Scholarship (2017)

Pia Weidinger, MSc.
T +43 1 25077-2703  
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T +43 1 25077 2703